Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Quick Thought on Community

As of this morning, I've been a member of the Philadelphia theatre community for 11 months and 10 days. I've mailed or emailed dozens headshots and resumes, attended tons of auditions, and seen as many plays as my time and resources can afford. It's been a difficult, exhausting, wonderful, inspiring, thoughtful, blinding experience. Even though it's been a year, it's really only felt like a month. I hardly know where the time went.

And in the first months, I hardly knew a soul in town.

Tonight I went to see a fantastic outdoor production of Richard III by Commonwealth Classic Theatre Company. (If you have a chance, check it out! There's information here!) Some of my castmates from Delaware Shakespeare Festival's The Winter's Tale where there to enjoy the show. (If you have a chance, check us out! There's information here!) After the show, many of us stuck around to meet new people, catch up with old friends, and laugh with familiar faces.

As the stories and conversations played on, I began to feel something different about myself tonight.

I genuinely felt as if I was becoming a part of something in this town; a collective; a culture; a society. Due to the important work I've done so far in Philly (both on my own and with others), I've begun to build a respectable history for myself here. I'm no longer the guy that someone met at the bar one time, humbling announcing myself as the new guy in town. I have new energies in my life that are becoming important and welcomed facets of my experience. I felt the beginnings of friendships and important conversations. I sense I'm starting down the right path towards being a productive member of a first rate theatrical community.

It's a good feeling, and I'm incredible grateful.


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