Monday, July 18, 2011

A Quick Thought on Auditioning

In the past couple of weeks, I've attended what feels like a gazillion auditions, for various theatrical productions in the greater Philadelphia area. In all honesty, I've had a ton of fun at every single one.

However, there is an element to auditions that I never considered (or realized) when studying to become an actor. Auditions are really, really hard work.

Firstly, there's the task of simply getting to the audition location. Since most thriving theatre communities exist in major metropolitan areas, this will almost always involve crowded buses, tardy trains, or heavy road traffic. Planning time for unforeseen delays and detours can be quite tricky, especially on days with multiple auditions (like today).

Then there is the extreme variety of roles for which I've been auditioning. Each one is so very unique and different from the next; it's a tough job keeping up with who is who and making the transitions from playing one character (with a distinct set of beliefs, needs, and ideals) to another. This element is compounded by the necessity of reading all the wonderful plays I've been sent in order to have a more complete sense of who these people are. It truly requires a full time effort.

However, I feel the most challenging aspect of this flurry of auditions is meeting and interacting with the various personalities in the audition room, especially from directors. Each one has his or her own feel, sense, or impulses for making theatre. Being open and receptive to such a wide range of suggestion and adjustment is an absolute must, but more often than not leads to intriguing discoveries in the moment and movement of an audition. And every moment requires complete commitment and abandon. I'm tellin' ya, tough stuff.

Nevertheless, everyone I've met has been nothing but welcoming, accommodating, sincere, and professional. I'm really very happy to finally be making my way, and in such a first rate theatre community. I'm having a great time.


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