Friday, July 8, 2011

Blue Yonder

Is this it? Have we arrived?

from the Daily Mail:

It's been cleared to take to the skies for more than a year - but that's not much use when you're supposed to be able to drive it, too.

But now the flying car has at least been declared officially road legal. It means the Terrafugia Transition could be in U.S. garages as early as next autumn, after two years of delays.

It may not be the world's first flying car, but its makers say it is the first to have wings that fold up automatically at the push of a button.

For more, check here.

As much as I've been hoping for the eventuality of personal automobile/aircraft hybrids purchasable by the general public, I have reservations about this thing. I'm not certain our society is prepared to handle the responsibility of flight-for-all. I mean, we can't even get through a week of morning and afternoon commutes to work without having accidents all over the place. What makes us think we're ready for mass quantities of flying cars?

On top of this the Transition has a sticker price of $200,000, more or less the same as a Ferrari 430. Which means that only people with enormous amounts of money will even be able to consider buying one. And even with the limited number of Transitions that would be in service at that price, there will still be those that 'hooliganize' their usage. I can see it now; some fool that's had one too many trying to use I-95 as a runway.

Nevertheless, if I had the money I'd have one of these in a HEARTBEAT. Sign me up!


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