Thursday, July 7, 2011

Deep Crates

I can't believe it's been three years since I started checkin' for this cat's videos.

This funky homo sapien's name is DJ Funktual and he's been running this series of "Top 10 Samples..." since the spring of 2008. Around this time I was beginning to develop an interest in how hip hop tracks are orchestrated, and how the producer fits into the creative process. As I was searching for videos on sampling and beat making, I stumbled upon DJ Funktual's first "Top 10..." video (see here). I was instantly a fan. Funktual's genuine love and exuberance for classic funk and soul music is delightfully infectious, and his knowledge of samples and break beats is incredibly extensive.

So far, DJ Funktual has gifted us 490 samples in just the "Top 10..." segment alone; he's many more videos that focus on samples rock records, reggae records, Issac Hayes records, an so on. It'll take you quite a while to exhaust his offerings, so you better get started. This cat knows his stuff.


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