Friday, June 24, 2011

Samples Before Bedtime

So it's bedtime for me. My 45-minute ride home from rehearsal took two hours tonight due to maintenance on the bridge I took back to town. The traffic when from four lanes to ONE lane, so you can imagine the bottleneck that ensued.

So, to keep me company I spun my iPod up to DJ House Shoes and his album called King James Version Chapter 1: Verse I-V. Essentially, it's a collection of samples used by J-Dilla, all strung together to give the listener a fascinating and unique musical landscape through which to explore Mr. Yancey's body of work. Have a listen to Verse I.

This album is available for purchase on If you're a fan of J-Dilla and/or interested in having a bit more understanding as to how hip hop producers turn old records into new ones (in which case you'd have to also buy some Dilla records), pick up this album. It's brilliance is quite underrated.


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