Friday, June 10, 2011

The Rhymes of Our Lives

I've never been able to listen to this song just once. Most of the time I play it at least three times in a row.

I've mentioned Chubb Rock's quintessential track "Treat 'Em Right" before in Hot Music: A Love Story. Because of the frequency with which I listened to that infamous mixtape, my affinity for this song grew at almost the same rate as for "Hot Music" itself. I firmly believe Chubb Rock is one of the most underrated emcees in hip hop history. He's a gang of classic verses and tracks like "Just the Two of Us", "The Chubbster", "Ya Bad Chubs", his appearance on 3rd Base's "Back to the Grill" (which also featured Nas), and his freestyle on the final episode on "Yo! MTV Raps". Check for this cat. I've never heard him come wack.


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