Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"I remember when I lost my mind..."

The only way you didn't hear this song during the summer of 2006 is if you never found yourself within 50 feet of a functioning radio.

This is a live performance of "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley from Top of the Pops in 2006.

I was in Vancouver when "Crazy" was released, immersed in the work of the Voice Intensive. Hence, I didn't hear it until June when I flew back to Baton Rouge. No, I didn't have ready access to a radio in Vancouver. Those Canadians...

I actually think my first encounter was while working at Louisiana State University's student radio station KLSU 91.1 FM. The music director had put it in rotation. Seeing as how KLSU is primarily an ├╝ber-indie alternative rock type of affair, the insertion of a track as popular as "Crazy" into the line-up was quite an achievement.

Because this song was a glimmering pearl in the dank and murky waters of pop music.

I cannot remember a time in which this song came on and didn't immediately make me feel like singing, shouting, and changing the world. It was like being injected with gold-plated happiness. I remember one specific instance when my homie Mark had learned the chords on his guitar. I stopped by his place one day just to hang out. He grabs his ax and with his best nine-year-old face said, "Watch this!" When he started in, I recognized it immediately and sang loudly and uncontrollably along with him. My homegirl Kesha, who was Mark's roommate at the time, overheard the jubilant and off-key ruckus coming from Mark's room and dashed in with a camera to immortalize the event. Somewhere, there is a picture...

Every so often I revisit this song to remind myself how music is supposed to feel. It's easily one of the most influential and magical songs of my lifetime. And as far as Rolling Stone magazine was concerned, it was the best song of the last decade.

Danger. Cee-lo. Third album, please?


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