Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Rhymes of Our Lives (Morning Edition)

I fell asleep. Sue me.

This track came out when I was in the middle of the sixth grade, and it was absolutely everywhere. During these years in my town, it was fashionable for kids my age to learn the words to all the latest music to prove we were in the know, especially in regards to impressing the ladies (Really? What what were we thinking!?). With this particular tune I was determined to know every line inside and out. So began learning Ice Cube's lyrics diligently.

The only problem was that my parents weren't into buying hip hop tapes for me at the time. The lyrics coming from the west coast were simply too vulgar and abrasive. And to be honest, I wasn't too interested in much of it either for the same reason. So I had to learn this track by chance encounters on the radio and television.

I got pretty good, too. By the time the track had been around for a two weeks or so I had about 85% of the lyrics down and could, more or less, fake it the rest of the way. So I was eager to flaunt my proficiency for all the beautiful women! However, there was one lovely lady that stood above the rest, Courtney Daniels: my first crush. Ask anyone attending A.G. Cox Middle School during 1993 and they would tell you Courtney was FOINE! I don't know too many cats who wouldn't give their left eye to receive a coveted mid-lunch love letter from Ms. Daniels.

So I was keen to show off my knowledge of "It Was A Good Day" for her as soon as I could. I had to get the jump on the rest of the guys! So as soon as I had a chance and Courtney was within earshot, I went in. The first verse went swimmingly, and I could tell the circle of listeners was impressed. But when I started into the second verse, my most difficult section, there was some improvisation that had to be done; I figured no one would know the difference.

I was abruptly corrected, and subsequently trumped in my lyrical recitation by Courtney Daniels herself. She knew the song like the back of her hand; way better than me. She proceeded to finish what I had started, leaving me silently dumbfounded at her excellence of lyrical recall. All I could do was listen in shock as she rattled off the entire track then whisked away down the sixth grade hallway. She completely stole my thunder.

One of these days, there will be a rematch. :)


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