Monday, August 1, 2011

Interrupted Service

Hello All,

In the coming months you may notice a substantial truncation of my blog posts. I'm redirecting my nightly writing in the service of my research project that will complete the voice teacher curriculum at York University. My project, appropriately enough, will involve my exploring the voices of emcees and their affect on hip hop audiences. I'm hoping to write at least a paragraph every night, if not more, until my due date on February 1st. If I finish before then (which is likely if I'm disciplined), BONUS!

I will still attempt to post something every night, although it's likely they'll be simply a video or an article that's caught my attention. I'll write a brief comment about whatever it is that's posted, because I feel it's important for me to express my thoughts and opinions. I'll also still do full-on Emcee of the Month write-ups every Saturday night, since that's the idea of this whole thing. Those posts also help inspire me to continue the work on my project.

I want to thank all of you for your views and support so far. I hope you've found these writings as entertaining and stimulating to read as I have to write.


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