Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tucson Ruminations

It's late. I just came from my friend James' birthday celebration and I don't have much left. So I'll make this quick.

Maybe I've been fooled.
Maybe this moment has been tailored to trigger my response.
Maybe I'm being cornered and manipulated by powers I could never comprehend.

Perhaps it's because I feel like I should have been around for the 1960s so I didn't feel like such a fake when discussing "the struggle".

Perhaps I want to feel now the way they felt then, as if someone spoke not only with a familiar voice, but a familiar soul.


Maybe it's the truth. It's been hard to spot nowadays.
Maybe this is the feeling I've been waiting for; pride, admiration, awe.
Maybe this represents the beginnings of my citizenship.

Because I don't know if I've ever identified with that until now.

But whatever it is, I do know this.

These two will always be my heroes.

Hopefully, I'll be in New York tomorrow to see my friend Mark in a play. If I can get to an internet connection I'll put up the next Emcee of the Month post and get a review of the play up on Sunday. I'm so excited (Jessie Spano)!


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