Friday, January 21, 2011

The Countdown has Ended

Not Keith Olbermann...

Tonight I was at my new job finishing up my shift when I decided to have a quick glance at to check on the happenings of the day. Nothing was out of the ordinary really (good to hear about Rep. Giffords, by the way), until I saw an article about Keith Olbermann. "Wait. Keith's on MSNBC. What's this?"

I supposed deflated was the best word for it.

Olbermann has been a foundational voice in my journey towards political maturity. I was first introduced to his show during the 2004 presidential election. My friend Mark and I would watch slack-jawed at the audacity and precision of Keith's perspective on the day's political events. Jon Stewart described him in his Nov. 2010 interview with Rachel Maddow as a "voice in the wilderness" during the early period of MSNBC's shift towards liberal and progressive commentary. For me, he articulated and illuminated thoughts on bureaucracy and policy making that I had never considered or explored. And even though it has become more difficult for me to watch 24-hour cable news due to my growing distaste for the amplified effect of opposing ideologies (I can't stand Glenn Beck OR Ed Schultz because they're both obnoxious.) I've always made sure to check in on Keith from time to time in order to restore my sense of progressive ambition.

I will truly miss his voice and his show. I hope he finds a new forum from which to continue inviting us into his world.

Thanks Keith.


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