Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Homeless Casey Kasem

Disclaimer: Most of you have probably seen or heard this by now. Sorry!

Get this man a job, right now.

The astonishing thing about this cat is the comfort and effortlessness in his speech. There is nothing in this to suggest he's not allowing his voice to release from his body naturally or unimpeded, and the resonance and texture he finds is both bright and alive while remained foundational and grounded. It's especially noticable in the second part of the video when he's giving the quick story of how he's found himself in his current environment.

What's really exciting is that as of 11:30am, this video has 4 million views on youtube within 48 hours of being posted. Hopefully, one of those views is from someone who will have the capability and will to find this gentleman.

The bigger picture, however, is that there are so many people who are homeless and disadvantaged with gifts and abilites such as these. I can only imagine benefiting to our local and global societies by finding ways to nurture these individuals, and not let allow them to slip through the cracks of indifference or neglect.



  1. i am beginning to wonder if this is legit. too big too fast and too amazing.

  2. yes. absolutely too big, too fast, and too amazing.

    but judging by the condition of his teeth, i would argue he's been quite homeless for a while.