Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The People's Car Factory

(sigh) This is a frustrating video.

There was a time in this country (as complicated as it is) when the greatest minds on earth traveled to America and became pioneers at the forefront of scientific discovery and the limits of engineering. So when I see videos like this and then read articles warning us of the brain drain of America, I become quite agitated.

I want a bullet train right now.


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  1. to be fair though, that particular plant is closer to the Franklin Institute than an actual assembly line. here's toyota's pretty high-tech line for their pretty high-tech primus...

    also, if you consider old-school harleys, they were put together by craftsmen and machinists instead of robots. Which yielded a surprisingly good bike (check out philly rider Jason's blog on keeping his 60s panheads running http://www.greasygringo.com/)