Sunday, December 18, 2011

1-Up (For My Gamer Friends)

I saw this guy's first Mario video that circulated the internet quite some time ago.  I'm glad to see he's still putting in the time.

I remember when my parents bought a Nintendo for me.  It was wonderful.  The console came with the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt combination cartridge and that super-dope pistol.  I used to shoot at the Duck Hunt dog whenever it made fun of me for missing the ducks.  That mutt pissed me off!

The last Nintendo game I remember playing with considerable frequency was Super Mario Bros. 3, where Nintendo first introduced the concept of Mario and Luigi having more capabilities than just running and jumping.  After a year of messing around with that game I finally sold my Nintendo to make way for a spanking new Sega Genesis, which I still have.

In recent years, because many of us that are part of the Nintendo generation are coming of age, I've noticed numerous expressions of gaming nostalgia such as this.  From what I can tell, it seems as if we are the first generation to truly express such sentimentality and remembrance for the culture of gaming.  Certainly, there are people who spent time with the Atari systems that preceded Nintendo's dominance.  However, I would argue those folks saw video games as more of a recreational novelty rather than the electronic social movement it has become.  There would be no World of Warcraft if not for The Legend of Zelda.  Halo exists due to the path forged by Contra.  Nintendo was act one of the gaming revolution.


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