Friday, September 16, 2011

Man of the People

Youtube surfing is is like combing the history of humanity with a cultural metal detector. It's just the best.

Be sure to visit this video on youtube for the full text.

I often have conversations with friends of mine about movies, music, and artists I've yet to explore. For example, as of now I haven't found a time to see the movies The Godfather or Pulp Fiction. I don't know nearly as much about Marvin Gaye or Al Green as I'd like. And for someone who is completely and utterly enchanted with Shakespeare, I've haven't gotten through nearly as many of his plays as I hoped I would by now. I suppose there's only so much time to spend digesting art and culture.

Charlie Chaplin's work is most certainly on this list. All I've heard of his influence on the aesthetics of cinema and comedy have certainly ignited and sustained my interest and desire to examine him more closely. There are few instances in which artists or public figures are revered in this way who aren't absolute geniuses. For me, this video will be the beginning of my journey through Charlie's career.

Off I go to surf some more. Check ya'll on the flip.


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