Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Rhymes of Our Lives

Can you tell I'm ready for winter to end?

Before the Academy Award nominations, the mega-budgeted Hollywood movies, and parenting The New Karate Kid and the little girl who likes to whip her hair, Will Smith was known the world over as The Fresh Prince. Along with his DJ/partner-in-crime DJ Jazzy Jeff (arguably the best DJ in hip hop history), the duo made some of the most enjoyable and fun-loving hip hop of their time. They weren't afraid to be goofy and never took themselves too seriously. And even though the two of them aren't making music collectively anymore, their impact on the trajectory of hip hop is undeniable.

Every summer on hip hop stations across the country, this song stays in heavy rotation. Rarely do I meet a hip hop head who doesn't know almost every word. It will live forever.


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