Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Rhymes of Our Lives

So I think I've just learned who was my brother's favorite emcee.

This is "I Got It Made" by Special Ed.

Today my brother, niece, nephew and I all drove to the mountains of Virginia to pick up my brother's new motorcycle trailer. On the way back we tuned into the old school hip hop station on XM Radio. As we nodded our heads to classic cuts by Rakim, KRS-One, and Lords Of the Underground, my brother suggested I explore a bit of Special Ed on my blog since that was one of his favorite rappers from that time. As soon as he mentioned it, I distinctly remember listening to his Special Ed cassette tape (1989's Youngest in Charge) on the old boombox he had in his room with the Washington Redskins sticker on the side. (I wasn't supposed to be in there!) I was always drawn to "I Got It Made" and "Think About It", probably because they were the two singles that were made into videos.

Yea, Special Ed is the man. I hope my brother enjoys this video, because it's superdope.


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